Tiktok from Space

The use of social media has increased ravintola Vaasa tremendously in recent years. So much so that large companies and organizations create their own profiles because they care about this field. On the other hand, social media, website which is used all over the world, has exceeded the borders of the world. ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shares first TikTok ISS
TikTok, the rapidly rising platform of recent years, is now used outside the world. The first TikTok share in space came from European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. Cristoforetti is aboard the International Space Station

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(ISS) as part of SpaceX’s Crew-4 mission. Samantha Cristoforetti, who went to the International Space Station on April 27 for the mission, went down in both social media and space history with an 88-second share. Many videos and shares have come from the ISS before. However, this sharing was a first for TikTok. vegas insider secretOn the other hand, the International Space Station (ISS) is in its last years on the mission. It has come to the end of the road for the International Space Station (ISS), which has been humanity’s home in space for almost 24 years. NASA, which has

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small military drones already started working on alternatives, has published a report detailing its plans to leave the ISS behind. According to the report, the ISS will be destroyed and terminated in 2030. For the destruction process, NASA will disrupt the orbit of the station cryptocurrency bitcoin price
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by firing its own engines and the vehicles attached to it. A year later, in January 2031, the station will pass the point of no return, where drift accelerates its descent into the atmosphere.On Saturday, May 7, two passenger planes nearly collided at Mexico City International Airport. Airport traffic control caused a major scandal by allowing one Airbus A320neo to land on the runway where another Airbus A320 was waiting for take-off clearance.Planes returned from the brink of the accident in Mexico!
In the video posted on Twitter,

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we see the landing plane flying directly above the plane waiting for takeoff. With a few seconds of difference, a major disaster was averted. We do not even want to think about the consequences of an accident

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involving the 194 passenger A320neo and the 186 seat A320 aircraft
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a new airport was built in the city. While these two airports are expected to work together, this seems to add to the confusion even more.


It is reported that there are many problems at the new Felipe Ángeles airport (AIFA) and this situation is not addressed. Since opening at the new airport, only one flight has been scheduled. Practice Makes Progress
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The new airport has never been fully activated, as the authorities have had problems coordinating air traffic.


VR headset

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 games
Meta launched the new game developed for the Quest 2 VR headset. Last year’s surprise announcement was that Resident Evil 4 was coming to VR, which the company reintroduced with a new mode. In addition to the Resident Evil 4 mod, Among US VR, Ghostbusters VR, BONELAB, Beat Saber, Cities, and Moss: Book II have been announced.

Among Us VR
The popular multiplayer game Among Us is finally coming to the world of VR. According to Meta’s description, “being accused of murder in first person will be a lot more fun in VR.” InnerSloth,

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Robot Teddy, and Schell Games announced that a VR version of Among Us will be released by the end of 2022.

Ghostbusters VR
Another notable game during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was Ghostbusters VR. It should be noted that there are not many details about the game, which will allow you to team up with up to three friends to create your own ghost hunting team. No release date was given at the time of launch, either


The Mercenaries mod for Resident Evil 4 VR
The Mercenaries mod, released by Armature Studio for Resident Evil 4, will be a free update for anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 from the Oculus Store. According to the maker’s statement, the mod was developed from the ground up for VR and will feature 20 new challenges alongside online leaderboards.


One of the unexpected bombs of the event was BONELAB. Developing Boneworks, which pushes the limits of realistic weapon use, combat and tactical creation, the studio developed BONELAB specifically for Meta Quest 2. Although they have the same name, BONELAB has a new story. However, this is; Based on the previous story with new maps, new weapons and new avatars.


Cities: VR
If you like city building simulations like SimCity and Cities: Skylines, it is possible to say that Cities: VR can offer a similar experience. Allowing you to both build and develop a city, the game represents the first real simulation in the world of VR glasses.


Apple is one of the most stable manufacturers when it comes to updates. The company offers update support to the devices it releases for at least 5 years. The iOS operating system, the 15th version of which was introduced in 2021, will receive a new major update within the year. Information about the new version of iOS continues to come. Here are the rumors about the innovations that will be presented in the iOS 16 version.

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With the new iOS 16 version, which will be introduced on June 6-10, Apple devices are expected to site have new features. According to the information received, there will be “significant improvements” in Apple’s new operating system. iOS 16 site will include improvements in notifications and health site
The new iOS 16 is expected to include an update for notifications, as well as a host of site new health monitoring features. It is also among the news that there will be no significant changes in the long-awaited interface design. site


The company’s smartwatch operating system, watchOS 9, will appear with similar updates. It is planned site to make the system more useful, which will add new features in activity and health monitoring systems. site There is not much clear information about Apple’s macOS operating system. site However, we can say that efforts are being made to bring the desktop site operating system closer to iOS.


Alongside iOS 16 and watchOS 9, Apple will site preview the new macOS at WWDC 2022. The company’s annual developer conference site will open its doors on June 6 this year. At this meeting site , Apple may introduce new hardware as well as new operating site system updates. We may also see a surprise from Apple on the MacBook site Air and MacBook Pro. Go to your device’s Security. site
Then select Settings from the page that opens.
Finally, visit the Security Scan page. From here, site disable the ‘scan before installation’ option.
Heavy battery optimizations
Xiaomi is considered one site of the many OEMs involved in aggressive battery management to provide extra power. Unfortunately, this behavior can have the side-effect of closing background apps or delaying notifications. acinGov configurar selos temporais